Monday, March 19, 2012

HIghland Park High

Went out with crew to Highland park to skate fun stuff. Adam, Eddie, Richie and I met up with Richie Jackson, Patrick Melcher, and William Spencer for a shred sesh.

Melcher double slide

Edwardo nose stall

Shortly after this Edwardo rolled his ankle playing skate. What a bummer.

Lost Edwardo for a minute. Found him hiding and taking his ankle medicine.

Adam Giving it a go.- Allyoop back 180

2nd board of the day on the same trick. Next time homie

Richie put down his camera for a 5.0 stall. "Shut up! I've got little legs!"
Melcher playing with his dog Party.


Party's rad

And of coarse the day ends with a couple beers and some mexican cuisine.


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