Friday, May 25, 2012

Solar Eclipse 2012

Here are some shots I got last week of the eclipse before the fog rolled in and blocked my view.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I shot some photos the other day of the beautiful and talented Kaitlin Shaner doing her thing on the silks. Always amazed.....

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Kickflip Front nose

Eduardo Craig

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SF comes to LA

I had a few friends come down and pay a visit last week. Oudalay Philavanh, 80's Joe Stanley, Tom Brinkerhoff, and Sthteven Farrell came through deep and kept the skate motivation rolling hard. Wanting to skate the plazas and parks down here, I showed the fellas around and got my fair share of skating as well. Here are a few flicks I shot when I got tired and put the board down.

Oudalay- Stoner plaza

80's pole jam no comply in Hollywood

Courtland Donaldson just moved down here to work for supreme. He showed us this bump to ledge and shut it down. - It's nice to have a homie down here.
Angle #2
80's is the switch heelflip king.

Here are a few from lincoln plaza.

Lincoln plaza
steven- blunt to regs
joe-tail block
Oudalay- front blunt
Steven- switch blunt
Oudalay getting high

Tom got his backtail on a rail
This thing

Before the homies rolled out we stopped by the La brea tar pits.


Till the next time my friends

Here are a few clips:

Monday, March 19, 2012

William Spencer

I had the pleasure of meeting William Spencer the skate ninja the other day. This dude come up with some shit. Not only is he an crazy inventive skater, he's also a stunt man in movies including the new spiderman.... makes sense. Dude is awesome! Check out his new video part!

HIghland Park High

Went out with crew to Highland park to skate fun stuff. Adam, Eddie, Richie and I met up with Richie Jackson, Patrick Melcher, and William Spencer for a shred sesh.

Melcher double slide

Edwardo nose stall

Shortly after this Edwardo rolled his ankle playing skate. What a bummer.

Lost Edwardo for a minute. Found him hiding and taking his ankle medicine.

Adam Giving it a go.- Allyoop back 180

2nd board of the day on the same trick. Next time homie

Richie put down his camera for a 5.0 stall. "Shut up! I've got little legs!"
Melcher playing with his dog Party.


Party's rad

And of coarse the day ends with a couple beers and some mexican cuisine.