Tuesday, September 23, 2008

                                           Jack gap over rail

                                      Toby with a huge wall ride to fakie

                                                  New spot

                                        Nick switch frontside flip
                                             jonah dolese kickflip into bank

                                     Rob Mendoza tre' flip in 

                                           Evan's got front blunts on lock

                                         Rob Mendoza's got huge kickflips

                                                         The master Hoewing

                                                  Roll the dice son, roll the dice

Monday, September 8, 2008

           So it's been a couple weeks since i got back from Japan and i haven't written in a while. It'll start off like this. I went to the Thrasher Bust or Bail contest at the paul revere 16 set. It was off the hook! Dudes were hucking themselves down the set for an hour.  Gravette started it off by 5050'ing the rail first try before it even started. Then followed by a lipslide and 5.0 also first try . And ended it with a 5.0 180. Chad Fernandez was throwing himself around as well with a nollie boardslide, noseblunt. When Reynolds got warmed up He got started with a kickflip, then threw a fronside flip over the rail and ended his set with a varial heelflip. Nor cal local Andrew Langly threw i think more tricks than anybody and got 300 bucks for a front blunt   and Moose from ventura came through with a backside 360. DAMN best trick for sure in my book!  Then half way through the show Sheckler shows up and steals the glory. He started with a backsideflip, Then he stole chris troys tre' flip, Followed by Dave Bachinskys hardflip.  Fom then on he nailed a backlip to regs 2nd try and then backlip to fakie also 2nd try. He pretty much stole the show. (i guess he's use to it). shit went off and was a hell of a show
Check it out @ http://www.thrashermagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogsection&id=0&Itemid=40

   That was the highlight of my return to s.f. Now here are some flicks from the bay just doin my thing. Take a look there are some good ones in here. They are a little out of order but i'm sure you'll figure it out

                                 Philly  Rob a bigspin master

                               Andrew Langly front blunt

                                   Sheckler hardflip with ease

                                 Sheckler backlip to fakie

                                  Hoewing filming at sunset

                                       Nick switch heel

                                                      Nick switch fronside flip

                                                   philly rob bluntslide 270 out

                                                     Reynolds varial heel

                                                    "The Boss"