Thursday, March 10, 2011

A cruise around my hood

I ate a whole brownie before we went skating around my neighborhood and had no problems besides the feeling I was in a dream. How bad can that be? Though somehow I skated well, didn't get hurt, and got some good flicks. Nice way to end the 3 days of down pour.

Immediately found an unwanted umbrella.

Put it to use

Took a breather at my usual stop

Down the path

-Me. one footed ollie X:Adam Bertolet

X: Adam Bertolet

Adam = switch ollie

We skated over to the Santa Monica blocks. I's gots a front board

Adam, nose bonk back 180

Adam nollie lip

The next day we went to another spot where Little Richard had to fish his board out of the water

Adam B did a back smith grinder on a gnarly tranny spot