Monday, February 20, 2012


Sundays seem to be the days to shred lately. I met up with Dylan Witkin, Adam Bertolet, Dickie Valdez, and Edwardo Craig for a sunday session. Dylan wwanted to shred a bowl so we decided to go over to the Garvanza park to start off.

Dylan's got a sick cruiser.

Lensman - Dickie V- blue blocking all day

Great ad campaign. My favorite reason to go pick up Edwardo

Garvanza bowl

Dylan is one of my favorite dudes to skate with. He skates street with style like Barley and I had no idea he could skate transition so well. He basically ripped this bowl a new asshole with out breaking a sweat. BTW, he is also recovering from a pretty bad collar bone and wrist injury. Does not seem to be a problem.

Warm ups

Back lip with ease.

Nosegrind the corner

F/s ollie


Cross bones with ease

Mike Abarta and crew rolled through and helped the sesh .

Mike A - Smith from knee to hand
7-11 for some re-fuel.

After the park we wanted to peep some nearby street spots. Richie brought us over to this thing. Wasn't much time before we got the boot but Adam got a backside 180.

This guy was the one to ask us to leave. Thanks for being patient and let us get our tricks first.

Walked over to this iconic spot.

For fun Dylan blasted a benihana. Nice

Eddie chillin.

Fun day.


The smog seemed to lift for the day.

Checking spots and footy.

Been goin out and skating again lately. Swooped up Alex Valdez and tried to hit up a few spots that he's been wanting to shoot.

First spot of the day

Went to this spot for a boardslide through the kink.


This thing on one side.

This rail on the other. When we first checked this rail out it was good to go. After we went back to the car to grab our boards and gear someone chained their bike to the rail and blew it for us.

So we came here.

This guy showed up before we even got started.

Valdeezy- tall 5050

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lucha VaVoom

So I went to the Mayan theater last night to see the Lucha VaVoom show. Front row, hot burlesque dancers, luchedores and midget luchedores. Awesome way to spend an evening.