Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twain Hearte (jussa coupla guys havina good tyme)

Tanner Zelinsky took Paul, Jim Lalonde, his girl Aeschleah and i up to his parents resort" The Lazy Z" for a couple nights of skating and heavy drinking. We did alot of both and I had one of the best times I've had in a while. If your looking for an amazing get away outta the city go to Twain Hearte CA to Lazy Z and chill. I love this place!

Paul Seaholm (manbaby) got a nose slide

The drive



In case you couldn't figure it out

Jussa coupla guys havin a good tyme

After the first night, Minus a couple

The pond

Tanner skated this

Camp fire and hearing stories of the ol' farmer brown ghost that everyone has seen more than once

My vision

My favorite new bar

This house is 160 yrs old and where farmer brown was first spotted.

We went looking for him

Cabin #5, Farmer Brown has scared guest, made housemaids quit and i even heard a story about a quest who's small child was playing with and described him. Scary shit!

So we went inside

The rhino!

Beers and early times make diving this thing through the woods alot of fun

Back to the city after a great two days

And then this guy who's wheel dissapeared in the middle of an intersection


I had to work this halloween but snapped some shots of my fav costumes.

Dave and I

My new haircut guy

she hulk

The funniest person in the bar

Funny haired golf guy and real