Friday, January 23, 2009

went home for christmas

                                      i met capt'n defense at the ravens game

                                            rob got a sweet tattoo

                                            reese did his first keg stand

                                         grahm had a long staff

                   this douche thought he was cool and was trying to break dance, then trying to fight after we were laughing at him. fucking kook!

                               reese and grahm having a moment

                                found this guy passed out at the bar. nice tie

coast guard

the coast guard was mashing through the swell at ocean beach the other day. it was pretty sick to watch, it was also a perfect surf day, actually the same day as the mavricks contest.

wicked witch

                            this lady screamed some mumbles at me for ten minutes and scared me. i got this photo blown up and have it hanging on my celing over my bed so that when i wake up i wake up with joy that im not this person
                                               Tanner Zelinskys birthday was yesterday and his band is playing this sunday. you should go.

                                                Jonah Dolese is a handsome man

                                                    hoewing bumped his knee

                                       kickflip over rocks

                                                switch wallride krook by carlos young