Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SF comes to LA

I had a few friends come down and pay a visit last week. Oudalay Philavanh, 80's Joe Stanley, Tom Brinkerhoff, and Sthteven Farrell came through deep and kept the skate motivation rolling hard. Wanting to skate the plazas and parks down here, I showed the fellas around and got my fair share of skating as well. Here are a few flicks I shot when I got tired and put the board down.

Oudalay- Stoner plaza

80's pole jam no comply in Hollywood

Courtland Donaldson just moved down here to work for supreme. He showed us this bump to ledge and shut it down. - It's nice to have a homie down here.
Angle #2
80's is the switch heelflip king.

Here are a few from lincoln plaza.

Lincoln plaza
steven- blunt to regs
joe-tail block
Oudalay- front blunt
Steven- switch blunt
Oudalay getting high

Tom got his backtail on a rail
This thing

Before the homies rolled out we stopped by the La brea tar pits.


Till the next time my friends

Here are a few clips: